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Enabling value creation, transformation and growth for Startups and Small Businesses by improving Business Performance using Lean Principles and Project Management.

Who We Are

Our mission is to collaborate with our clients to develop and implement growth and value creation strategies that improve business performance. For Startups and Small Business to complete in this digital age, you must transform your businesses by reengineering how you work.

Business Failure is one of the primary issues facing many Startups and Small Businesses. There are some common sources of risk that result in business failure. Over 75% of all Startups will fail before reaching the 5 year mark and over half of all Small Businesses fail before reaching the 10 year mark.

Lilystream Management Services helps Startups and Small businesses identify and overcome the sources of risk that lead to business failure using Lean Principles, Risk Management and Project Management. We are experts in what we do and are eager to help!

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Key Contacts | Connect With Us

Jeanne Sorby


As Lilystream Management Services founder and Chief Executive, Jeanne Sorby draws on over 20 years of experience in the management of technology based programs and projects. Her passion for technology coupled with a drive to see programs and projects succeed is central to her dedication to lifelong learning. Jeanne’s pursuit of building a consulting practice that creates value for both clients and consultants has shaped Lilystream Management Services business model and practices.

Jeanne holds a B.A. in MIS and Management from Augsburg College, an MBA from the University of Phoenix, and certificates in software development and design and a PMP and RMP from PMI.

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Flavia Le Feber Campos

Project Coordinator

I work with Lilystream Management Services as a Project Coordinator. I started working for the company at the end of February 2016. My job is to lead, direct projects, and report to the Project Manager. Managing  projects have taught me many things, such as carrying out a project in required time/deadline, planning, quick in solving problems, analyzing, and project coordination. I work under the supervision and guidance of a Project Manager helping in the execution of the projects. Soon, I plan on getting my CAPM Certification and then eventually pursue my Project Manager Professional Certification (PMP).

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Our Services

Project Management

Lilystream Management Services consultants apply process, PM mastery and leadership to break down functional towers and engage stakeholders. We guarantee your initiatives will be accomplished within budget, scope, schedule and quality.

Program Management Services

Lilystream Management Services consultants improves your organizational performance and delivery value by using well-defined processes, expertise and methodologies to manage multiple related projects.

Project Portfolio Management Services (PPM)

Lilystream Management Services consultants engage with your organizational leaders to implement or modify your centralized management of the processes, methods and technologies used by program and project managers, and project management offices (PMOs). We’ll examine and mutually manage your IT project portfolios based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

PMO Implementations

Lilystream Management Services consultants partner with you to implement or redesign your Project Management Office (PMO). We apply our expertise, standards and knowledge to develop the most effective PMO for your needs.

Our Approach

Lilystream is committed to delivering results by ensuring a clear understanding of the purpose of the implementation and how the implementation will affect your workforce. To prepare for a successful implementation, we start by using project management tools to determine implementation challenges and resource gaps. We assess the project environment based on your needs and objectives, as well as your capabilities and risks. The result is an implementation plan developed to include a deployment strategy and rollout plans. We strive to maintain transparency throughout the transformation process and to align our priorities based on direct interaction with your top managers, who design a vision that is translated into a message and actions that carry forward to your employees.


For one price, you get a project management team consisting of a Project Manager and a Project Coordinator. Our team approach enables the Project Manager to focus on project management activities while partnering with a project coordinator whose focus is on the tactical parts of the project coordination and project administration.

Project Management

Lilystream Management Services assists small- to medium-sized businesses reach their bottom-line results using project management principles. We work with you through the entire project management lifecycle to achieve results. Some of the industries that Lilystream Management Services are:











Hardware Infrastructure







Fleet Management






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Project Portfolio Management Services (PPM)

Lilystream Management Services enables small- to mid-sized organizations to maximize their IT investments using our Project Portfolio Management Services to map their IT project portfolio strategy.


Lilystream Management Services consults with small- and mid-sized organizations to design, develop and implement their PMO structures.

Why you should choose Lilystream

  1. Timeliness – Lilystream Management Services consultants can focus on your issues, without the distraction of firefighting daily issues and business-as-usual work.
  2. Experience – Lilystream Management Services consultants bring breadth and depth of experience to each assignment. This will save you time and money because we can be brought on board without the need to reinvent the wheel or provide additional training.
  3. Objectivity – Lilystream Management Services consultants will provide an unbiased perspective to your problems. We will apply our expertise and experience to provide services that are unique to you and relevant to your company’s environment.
  4. Cost/Benefit – Lilystream Management Services is focused on providing services that are within your budget and that result in the maximum benefit to you. We partner with you to ensure that costs stay low and benefit is high.
  5. Availability – Lilystream Management Services has the time, resources and specialized experience to supplement your regular talent.


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