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Project Risk Management: Risk vs Uncertainty

In 2011, Project Management Institute reported that 129 CFO's out of 331 who participated in a survey by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and North Carolina State University were surprised by the risk that had significant consequences for their...

Project Management: Are projects ever issue free?

 A comment was made the other day regarding projects and the identification of issues. In response, someone from the floor stated “there are projects that simply do not have any issues”. Following this statement I asked myself….  Is this possible? Projects are stated...

Project Management: Best Practices

Merriam-Webster indicates that the combined term "Best Practices" is on the bottom 50% of words searched on their website. They offer this definition for Best Practices "a procedure that has been shown by research and experience to produce optimal results and that is...

Project Management – Evolving Estimation

Successfully run project require the estimation of resources, cost and duration that is typically based on information available at the time of the estimate. Estimation occurs in an environment that consists of uncertainty and risk and embodies assumptions and...

Series 1: Project evaluation and approval (Continued)

This series covers the topic of project evaluation and approval processes that exist within small to medium business (SMEs) and multinational organizations (NMOs). Is there a difference in the way that organizations approach project evaluation and approvals based on...

Series 1: Project Management – Project Evaluation and Approval

How do we know we have a good project? Lilystream Management Services is a project management consultancy. We are all about project management and providing high quality project management services with a focus on information systems and technology. We know a project...

The making of a PMO

Lilystream Management Services is embarking on a new adventure of designing and implementing a project management office. There are a number of articles, books, video and guides for building a PMO, however, we have chosen to follow the principles defined in Kent...

Fun Facts

According to a recent survey

32% (a 3% increase from last year) of the survey participants indicate that the development of technical and leadership skills in project practitioners is a top priority. Source: PMI


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